Sunday, October 11, 2009

10/11/09 Birthday Party

Cupcakes in the class wasn't enough. A cake for the family wasn't enough. No, we had to have a third cake -- but arguably the best one, because this was shared with friends at a home birthday party.

Actually, moreso my friends than Katrina's. I don't remember this so much from the boys, but at age 3, Katrina definitely knows who she knows. She's met all the invitees, but the only one she knows well is Dylan. And that was fine with her, they played a lot together.

Meantime, I got to play with my friends. Bonus, one brought her mother, a wonderful warm woman who lives in Rochester, NY!

All the moms raved about the sibling-free concept, as we all have kindergartners. Two of us also have 2nd-graders also, and I think we were the most relieved! A small group of 3-year-olds was perfect.

At one point I hadn't seen Katrina or Dylan for a while, and figured they must be up to no good. They were playing fine, actually, but had made their way to the driveway on tricycles. This was Katrina's reaction to being busted.

Dylan is very sweet about being bossed around, "I'm going FIRST, Dylan!"

Photo-ops don't get much better than this.

Cake time! Hats first though.

Katrina's into shapes, so I put circles, diamonds, squares and triangles on her cake.

The candles are pretty feeble -- one blew out on my way over and had to be relit -- so she was able to blow them all out herself.

I think this says it all!

A delightful little party. There's only so long you can get away with such small informal parties like this so small like this...I'm glad to have had one more chance.


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