Friday, October 16, 2009

10/16/09 Walk To School Day

Seems silly to drive to walk-to-school day, but hey, some of us have to get to work!

I drove past the annoying part of the trip to school, parked, then gave the boys a lesson on how to cross streets.

We met up at an intersection where Gabriel's teacher would be to walk groups of kids to school. Room 10, smile!

This is the scene at the corner. It's never like this.

Having grown up in Brooklyn, the concept of Walk To School Day is pretty weird, but, here in burb-land, that's what it takes! Truth is, we'll almost always drive to school. Around here, that's not weird.

Now, we're off! I'm picking up the boys and we're driving to Mojave, to see an airshow at Edwards AFB tomorrow!


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