Sunday, January 14, 2007

1/14/07 Back out!

Bloody hell. Yesterday I was flying high, feeling great about being able to run, I'm hobbling around bent completely over, unable to lift or carry anything or reach up. Did I say I spent 6 minutes on a stationary bike yesterday, despite my risky sacro-iliac joint? Well, that's what I get for tempting fate!

This time the trigger wasn't as benign as the others. I was trying to lift a heavy piece of the crib up the stairs when I felt the toing. But still, I know what it's like to wrench your back lifting something heavy -- it hurts, you stop, it aches for a few hours, it goes away. This is completely different. I can't straighten my body at all, even under no load (as in water). Past experience says it will be a few days before I can stand straight again.

Last time this happened, Julian was a crawling toddler (about 17 months old) who needed to be carried, but he was too heavy and I had to get Peggy to help me for a few days. This time, Katrina is light enough that I can clutch her against my chest and move her from place to place, but that's about it.

Just sitting here typing is pretty painful. Dave took Katrina and Gabriel to Safeway for our usual Sunday shopping, and I'm about to tackle dinner, somehow. I don't know what we're going to do tomorrow.


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