Monday, January 15, 2007

1/15/07 Mom takes a bath

It was time! My brand-new bathroom has been awaiting for months, and tonight I decided to try it out. I've hesitated because it's still partly a work zone; there's still new dust every day, and, well, I feel funny putting all my personal little indulgences around the bathtub when there are still strange guys in and out of there!

But my injured back demanded it. I've spent all day doing nothing, saving whatever strength I have to lug a bewildered Katrina around from place to place, dangling in my arms like a lion cub. I lay down whenever I could, knowing from regrettable experience that time off my back is essential for healing. Gabriel was wonderful today, despite the lack of entertainment, playing on his own for hours. I felt bad when I did join him, and he'd say, "Oh I'm so glad you're here now Mom. I was lonely!"

I was a little nervous testing out my new bathtub: the time and expense of this remodel puts a lot of pressure on everything being great. But I got over that quickly when I remembered why I'd chosen that particular tub: it is comfortable! It was great taking a bath in a tub that I could actually fill. The controls are a little too high; I have to really reach to turn the water on and off. My sitting-shower concept (a handshower placed low enough to act as a shower when you're sitting in the bath) works great. But my bathtub's jets didn't work!! Wah!! I really needed that. Another item for the punchlist.

I didn't dare attempt going anywhere today, so had to settle for sitting in the backyard to give Katrina, and myself, fresh air. Gabriel discovered this adorable hand-me-down hat for Katrina, and thought it would be really funny for him to put on. And it was!

Of course, if I'm essentially on bedrest, there's still one thing I can do with baby: photos! Not the ones in which I stand over her, but I had to take some pictures, since she was being pretty cute.

I took one with my hand in it, on purpose. If Mom is any indication, I will probably age pretty well....except my hands. They are every bit my 43 years, and then some. (I'm in good company though; look closely at Sarah Jessica Parker's hands in Sex and the City.) So I faced up to it and took a picture with my wrinkled old hand in it, next to my perfect little baby.

This kicked off a series of hand shots. These were quite difficult to take, since Katrina was in full wiggles-and-kicks mode!

But there's a lot of potential there. I have a lot of idea for hand shots now -- if only I could get her to cooperate! Still, she found these finger antics pretty interesting.

Gabriel can never get enough of his little sister, and helped me a lot today entertaining her.

Without Julian around, Gabriel was a perfect angel today, though he was quite glad to see Julian when Dave brought Julian home. In fact, Julian came up and gave Gabriel a kiss hello! While I was luxuriating in my bath, it was quite heartwarming to hear them downstairs running madly after each other, laughing and shouting and excitedly yammering out ideas for play and mischief. Ah, little boys.

Tomorrow will probably be another bust, but I plan to be standing up tall again on Wednesday.


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