Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1/16/07 Healing

I went to physical therapy today at 7:15am, which helped a lot. My back is now sore all over, but it's just muscles (not joint). With more ice and heat, by the end of the day, I could stand up mostly straight, but still couldn't carry much, especially not Katrina. I asked Kids Inc to keep Gabriel all day, since I couldn't handle the boys together. One or the other, fine, but both together is 100 times as hard.

Baby was fussy and hard to please today, I think because she hasn't been out of the house in two days.

Julian's one big outing was out front to pick an orange, though he played in the backyard for a while afterward.

While outside, I was struck by an orange. Not literally, but it stood out boldly from the others. I didn't know how to compose the photo, nor crop it later to adjust for poor composition. It's like drawing: I'm a very creative artist in my head, but I absolutely can't make my hand transfer a drawing in my head onto paper. I feel like I'm in a foreign country struggling to speak the language, and I have a lot to say even though I'm illiterate.

I should be able to stand up completely tomorrow, and maybe even carry Katrina around comfortably. And, exercise again! I've been doing a few minutes here and there of exercises on the floor, but that doesn't compare to a session at the Y. But absolutely no stationary bicycling.


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