Saturday, January 20, 2007

1/20/07 The stained-glass window

We got our stained-glass window today!

The motivation for a stained-glass window was to obscure a line of sight our neighbors have into our hall, and it turned into "la piece de resistance" in this whole remodeling project. John, the stained-glass artist, explained that the design is inspired by of a series of balloon-confetti designs by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1910 "Coonley House" in Minnesota.

Since this was a private commission, and a very special thing we'll want to keep, John installed it hanging with hooks, so that we can take it with us when we move, even though it's designed to fit into the stairwell window.

First, the window itself.

Carrying it up the stairs.

Lifting it carefully onto the ladder.

Hanging it in place.

John, the artist, and Theresa, his right-hand gal.

Our window!

It will create all sorts of interesting colored shadows on the hall walls, but still lets a lot of light through to the only truly sunny space in our house.

Tough day today, mostly due to lack of sleep. Dave pooped out on our movie last night, so I watched Les Choristes (let's hear it for Netflix's 2-at-a-time plan!), an excellent movie that had my mind spinning all night. Les Choristes is a movie about troubled young boys at a boarding school, some orphaned, which, combined with Tonya's divorce, and some other awful news (a childhood playmate of mine lost her 20-year-old son to suicide last year), made me edgy and stressed about family, especially on a night that Gabriel and Julian weren't there. Add to that nightmares about hurricanes, it made what little continuous sleep Katrina allowed very fitful.

So, early to bed tonight. I can't wait to see our window in the morning sun tomorrow.


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