Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1/17/07 Back to exercise

I dared attempt a conditioning class today, which was challenging mostly in lugging the carseat and Katrina into the gym. I am very close to chucking that heavy thing, I so much prefer a regular carseat! But Katrina is a little young to be carried around everywhere, she still needs two hands, and she still sleeps just enough that it's useful to have her in the infant carrier. Not for long though.

In fact, more and more I've left the carseat in the car and just carried Katrina wherever we were going, though with little boys in tow, it seems I often need to carry other things.

In any case, the conditioning class felt great, though bending down to pick up weights put some strain on my back. I used lighter weights than usual, and moved gingerly through the class, but it was definitely a plus to have done it, even at diminished capacity. I expect that tomorrow I'll be myself again, and even if I'm not, I'm still skating!

Today the strangest thing happened. In the afternoon, Gabriel fell asleep on the family room floor. I put Katrina down for a nap, and it was a fine time for me to lie down too. So for a time, we were all three asleep. This is a very common scenario for us in the afternoon (Julian was at Tonya's).

(I'll add here that Katrina has been waking up more and more, including times when it's clear she's not hungry. The boys started night-sleep trouble around this age too, so I'm deeply fearful that I'm in for months and months of being tired all the time from constant sleep interruption. So I look for any opportunity to lie down.)

When I got up, I heard Gabriel crying softly, and went to see what was wrong. He was dejectedly cleaning up his train tracks, crying without tears, just slightly more than a whine. This is the sort of crying he does occasionally if he breaks or tears something he cares about. I asked him what was wrong, and he looked at me and said, "I'm lonely." I probed him more, and he'd thought he was alone in the house! I wasn't in sight when he woke up from his floor nap, so he assumed I was gone. He wasn't fearful or distressed, just sad. It was so strange! I sat and held him and rocked him for a long, long time, and told him many times that I'd never leave him, and he just snuggled me and said calmly, "OK, mom." He didn't cry or complain, he just quietly curled up in my lap. Even when he's vulnerable, he's tough!

For dinner, I continued a con I tried last week: "green french fries." It worked, though the boys tried to eat the buttery green beans with their fingers, a la French Fries. Still, they both consumed the vegetable without complaint. Yay! And then, more music to my ears, from Julian: "Mommy, can I please have some more fish?" They both downed the baked tilapia I made. That makes up for the frozen fish sticks I just got, even though they're Trader Joe's and the ingredients are pretty good.

No contractors for two days now...turns out, the painters are done (FINALLY!!!!!), and we're down to punchlist items. Still, a big thing still left is the bifold doors for the laundry area, that would have been done by now except that the wrong doors came in. So now we're waiting for those doors. We could move upstairs now, but then when the guys come for the final items, they'll be trying to start work upstairs while we're still taking showers and getting dressed. After 13 months living downstairs, you'd think a few more weeks would be no big deal, right? On the contrary, every day irritates me more and more. I want to move up!

The boys' room sure is small (11x13) with both their beds in there, and worse than that, there's very little wall space. I'm starting to e-shop for bunk beds for them.


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