Friday, January 19, 2007

1/19/07 Sleepover night/day

Nice relaxed day, with no kid pickups! Still, I got a lot less done than I'd anticipated. Silly me, I keep forgetting how much time a baby takes. But such delightful time, much of it spent playing face-games, smiling, making silly sounds. I do believe she's starting to chuckle.

I took Katrina to the Y for a good solid workout, the first good thorough one since my back injury. Then Katrina slept much of the afternoon; I caught up on things and made minor headway cleaning up and moving in upstairs. She was in fine form today, smiling broadly when she woke up from naps, making lots of adorable -- and loud! -- sounds.

Everyone who meets her comments how smiley she is, and indeed it seems she likes nothing better than smiling back and forth. A very social, outgoing baby. (Hmm, I have a cute photo of her, but for some reason, Blogspot's already very poor photo-uploading system isn't working at all right now.)

(OK, added it in later)

Good news! Uncle Ronan is coming for a short visit on Feb.1st!

But bad news otherwise...Tonya's moving, which isn't bad by itself, but it's because of a divorce. Solid family life is so important to her (they have 3 daughters, ages 8, 11 and 14), my heart goes out to all the Howards. Tonya's daycare/preschool will continue to operate, and thank goodness for that. She really loves kids, and that will help keep her grounded through a tough time.

Dave and I are about to watch a Netflix movie. Life is returning to normal. Funny that nowadays, normal life includes Netflix.


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