Thursday, January 18, 2007

1/18/07 Music class

hoo, I'm tired. Fun skating class tonight, despite expected pain from my new ice skates. Dave and I went to Olarn Thai Cuisine, which was so-so. This after bailing from a Japanese Tapas place near our house, in a crummy little strip mall, with only a sign that says Karaoke...but it was so packed inside that we didn't wait and ended up at the Thai place. Maybe next time.

Music class this morning....brand new teacher, and he wasbrand new. He needs more training, at the very least: memorizing the songs, keeping class time on track, varying the physical movements and gestures during repeated choruses, not getting distracted by kids running. Music Together is so expensive that I think we're owed higher quality. Even Julian, usually a zombie during class, ended up running around the classroom in a circle, laughing -- during the lullaby!

Good day otherwise, back is healing and I had all 3 kids this afternoon. Though that's always more work and sometimes stress, I also feel more settled and contented knowing that they're all home with me.

Still...sleepover tomorrow, yay!


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